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The invasion of "let" - taglets

I'm slowly coming to realise just how much Sun seemed to like the "let" suffix. We have applets, servlets, midlets, Xlets - and just as I think I'm running out, I discover doclets and taglets!

It all started when, for our final year project, we decided to use the convention of an "@qa" annotation with a set format in the javadoc at the start of each class file to document who had QAed the file and when. It works well just as is (and this is how we were intending to leave it) but a part of me couldn't help but get slightly annoyed at the copious amounts of javadoc warnings this produced. I wondered if there was a way to not just shut javadoc up, but to sensibly extend it so it knew about this extra tag and could write out some meaningful information to the resulting HTML.

Although this is rather poorly documented, it turns out it can, and it's really quite nice to use. Initial searching led me here, which provides a brief overview about taglets (but en…