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Using VLCJ for video reliably with out of process players

This post is really a follow on to the last, so if you want a bit of background give that a read through. In it I basically talk about the various options I came to when trying to implement video support in Java, and how I felt the best way to go was using out of process players and VLCJ.

Before I get to the code, a warning - while this isn't stupidly hard, it's definitely not for beginners. If you're competent with Java in general you shouldn't have any trouble following - but this is not a cut / paste / forget the advanced stuff job! Eventually and depending on interest I may look into packaging it up into an easy to use library and distributing, but that day is not today!

Secondly, this code is literally cut straight out of Quelea and at the moment is:

Largely uncommented
From an unreleased version
Not the best quality
May contain Quelea specific bits that don't apply

Eventually, it'll all be refactored into beautiful OO-like niceness. But in terms of the concepts,…

Java and Video - part 2

A while back I posted whining about the lack of decent video support in Java, and the fact that try as I might I just couldn't seem to find a decent one. I wrote this as part of my struggles trying to get video implemented properly in Quelea. The good news is that the trunk version of Quelea seems to have decent, cross platform and reliable video that's compatible with any format you throw at it. And it's all thanks to the VLCJ / VLC guys. The bad news is that, well, it's not as obvious or as easy as it might first look.

Before I go into details however, I think an honourable mention goes to Xuggler. It was the first package I really tried that seemed to be getting me somewhere - with really quite little effort after watching the tutorials I had a basic video application going that could play most file types. It couldn't do any seeking, pausing or the like but that I thought would be relatively easy. And, guess what - once again I was completely wrong. See, Xuggler …