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Annoyingly named methods

There's several annoyances I have with method names in the Java API - some are well documented as being ridiculous early design decisions that, well, couldn't be reverted without breaking backwards compatibility. Boolean.getBoolean() is a classic example for instance that really doesn't do what you'd expect.

However, there's another which is more recent that I haven't really heard complained about anywhere else. It's not a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a bad name, and it is mildly annoying.

I'm talking about the removeAll() method present on collection classes. It takes a collection of items to remove from that particular collection - pretty standard stuff. But to me, that should be called removeEach(),  removeAllOf(), or perhaps even just remove(), overloaded with the standard method that takes one parameter (to me the latter seems like the most logical choice.)

The problem I have with removeAll() is that it sounds like a me…